High Voltage Electrical Fitter


To carry out  maintenance and breakdown repair works on substation equipment  in a safe  manner  as per instruction of his superior and KAHRAMA'A maintenance Code of Practice,  and complying to Safety Rules and  System Operations Memoranda.



- ​A Trade Certificate with ability to read and write English at a Secondary School Level.

- ExperienceExperience  in carrying out the duties of a fitter in a Primary substations.

- Ability to understandAbility to understand  system safety rules.

- Minimum 6 years of experience on the maintenance/erection ofMinimum 6 years of experience on the maintenance/erection of  substations at voltage levels 220kV, 132kV, 66kV, 33kV  and 11kV.






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Junior level


Electricity Transmission Dept.

Posting Date:

03 . April . 2017