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Development Counselor - Water


The role holder is responsible for implementing and promoting the trianing programs for employees in Kahramaa water functions together with the Senior Development Counsellor – Water and in alignment to the overall policy framework, organizational strategy and business objectives. This role will be responsible to coordinate assessments and training delivery and monitor evaluation

· Assists in planning and structuring of training activities in order to achieve the overall objectives of Kahramaa water functions

 ·Develops a schedule of career development activities to be conducted during the year
 · Supports in the management of different development programs for specific employee groups
 · Organizes assessments for selected positions and incumbents and maps their developmental needs
 · Liaises with department managers, section heads and identified employees to design, seek agreement and monitor completion of developmental plans
 · Works with Senior Development Counsellor – Water to ensure development programs are conducted and effectiveness of these programs is tracked and any changes, if required are implemented
 ·Monitors provision and delivery of learning opportunities for succession planning
 ·Documents all information related to career development and training such as employee profiles, development plans and succession charts etc. for Kahramaa water functions employees
 ·Assists in conducting awareness sessions for employees to develop awareness around the career development framework
 ·Acts as the point of contact for resolving all employee queries regarding career development framework, policies and procedures in Kahramaa water functions
 ·Undertakes any responsibilities, as directed by the reporting manager in line with organizational objectives
 ·Works in cooperation with Quality Assurance and Continual Improvement department on securing and maintaining the ISO 9002 certification
 · Carries out and ensures the compliance of all activities within the Department are in-line with Kahramaa health and safety regulations


- Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering. Postgraduate degree in Business Administration or HR preferred

- More than 6 years of experience in Learning and Development in a similar role


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Human Resources Department

Posting Date:

29 . January . 2015

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