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Fire & Safety - Officer


The role holder is responsible for ensuring maintenance of fire equipment and systems utilised by Kahramaa’s Maintenance Section for  protecting Kahramaa assets and premises from accidents and hazards and ensuring personnel and assets safety. To plan, direct and  supervise the day-to-day activities of Safety and Fire services for the assigned operations area. Ensures that QGEWC personnel and contractors adhere to the Corporation’s safety rules and regulations and safe work practices and that all safety and fire fighting equipment is maintained and in good-working condition
· Supervises the activities of assigned personnel in the Fire & Safety Unit. Carries out supervisory duties and exercises financial authority at the level established by the management for the position.
· Investigates all accidents and causes of safety violations. Prepares accident investigation reports. Determines the root causes of accidents and provides recommendations to avoid recurrence.
 · Attends fire and other emergency incidents, assesses the situation, determines action to take and commands the on-scene fire and safety personnel.
· Organises and conducts drills and exercises with Civil Defence, ensuring adequate fire-fighting techniques, rescue methods and other related emergency procedures have been followed. Prepares written reports on the effectiveness of the drills and identifies potential improvements.
· For all vehicle or mobile equipment, accidents involving QGEWC vehicles, investigates circumstances of accidents and provides reports with appropriate recommendations.
· Conducts industrial hygiene surveys to determine potential eposure to toxic materials, high noise levels, high vibrations or other health related exposures that may be injurious to health and provides appropriate recommendations to mitigate the potential exposures.
· Conducts orientation sessions with new employees and participates in safety and  fire training courses for all levels of employees, contractors and  safety & fire employees.
 ·Liaises with all departments focal points regarding safety, fire plans and fire alarms for the residential, recreation, workshops, clubs etc in the assigned operational area.
· Maintains various records and statistics on any accidents or incidents resulting from a breach of safety regulations, as well as inspection reports and surveys of facilities and areas. Assists in statistical reports analysis by  providing data and  input for the unit’s  quarterly progress report.
· Prepares Quarterly and Annual Progress/Status Reports with regards work activities conducted by the Fire Systems Unit, recommends necessary improvements in the maintenance and repair work processes and submits to higher authorities in the Maintenance Section for approval
·  Works in cooperation with Quality Assurance and Continual Improvement department on securing and maintaining the ISO 9002 certification
·  Carries out and ensures the compliance of all activities within the Facilities Management Department are in-line with Kahramaa health and safety regulations


-  Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent in Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics, Chemical or Industrial Engineering

Certifications in Fire Protection and Safety is preferred

- More than 7 years of relevant experience in a similar industry and/or position with minimum 3 years of relevant supervisory experience preferably in the area of Fire Systems Maintenance


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Posting Date:

25 . February . 2015

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