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Senior Engineer (Water System Analysis)


The role holder is responsible to effectively manage end-to-end water network systems by performing activities including forecasting demands for water systems, formulating master plans for water networks and assets, analysing water systems, hydraulic modelling, and evaluating water balance in reservoirs, desalination plants, pumping stations and water districts.

Some Core Responsibilities:
Assists the Head of Network Planning and Development in planning Kahramaa’s water systems effectively, in order to meet current and future demands and implements all approved plans, in compliance with Kahramaa’s set policies and strategies
Defines and analyses water supply areas, and takes steps to maintain water balance in desalination plants, water reservoirs, and water districts, in order to ensure continuous supply of water to customers
Assists in the preparation of demand forecast for water system, for a minimum of 20 years, and participates in the formulation of long term water network development plan (master plan)
Analyses the end-to-end water network system starting from desalination plants, reservoirs, pumping stations and water districts, in order to define Kahramaa’s water network system needs
Participates in optimizing water networks, by proposing programs for better operation and maintenance of water network system
Coordinates with relevant departments, assesses the current state of water networks, and assists in formulating necessary action plans for addressing the network system needs such as extension, replacement and upgrading, based on water forecast demands
Prepares concept designs of entire water network system including water storage reservoir, pumping systems, interconnecting pipelines, pump houses and booster pumping stations
Analyses steady-state as well as transient hydraulic models of the water network, to determine the optimal sizes of pipes, and operating parameters of the equipment
Collaborates with Design Engineers section to ensure that the water system’s dynamic and transient performance is adequate, required enhancements are identified and scoped in a timely manner; and incorporated in the master plan as required


Education: Bachelor's degree or equivalent in Mechanical/ Civil Engineering, post-graduate certification / degree preferred

Work Experience:  More than 10 years of relevant experience in a similar industry of which minimum 4+ years of supervisory experience preferably in the areas of water network design, water transmission and distribution and civil engineering projects


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Water Planning Department

Posting Date:

18 . February . 2019

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