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Technician (Meter)


The role holder will be responsible for identifying and attending to all faults and issues that arise in equipment, instruments and facilities within the department. The role holder will carry out the maintenance works on equipment, instruments and facilities as required. The role holder will ensure all equipment within his line of responsibility is operational.
Maintains safety documents until the satisfactory completion  of  work
Identifies faults in equipment, instruments and facilities
Uses necessary material, tools and requirement to correct faults
Inspects equipment, instruments and facilities regularly
Carries out regular maintenance on equipment and instruments
Submits accurate records of equipment condition and related history
Reports damages and faults that are irreparable to supervisor
Performs emergency response activities as required
Performs other related duties as needed upon request by the immediate supervisor
Ensures completion of work on time and the proper use of tools and materials
Supports in administrative functions in support of work unit such as timekeeping, materials support as required
Works in cooperation with Quality Assurance and Continual Improvement department on securing and maintaining the ISO 9002 certification
Carries out and ensures the compliance of all activities within the Department are in-line with Kahramaa health and safety regulations


Education:  High School Certification, preferably with Technical Diploma in Electrical / Mechanical / Electronic / Computer Engineering

Work Experience:  6 years in a similar role


Technical Jobs



Customer Services Dept.

Posting Date:

15 . March . 2018

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