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Senior Engineer Technical


·       Manages energy/water audits and inspections to optimize Energy Efficiency such as encourage conservation and improve air quality

·       Reviews plans and provide technical design assistance when needed

·       Inspects building construction and modifies plans to assure correct installation of energy/water saving measures.

·       Coordinates solutions with other agencies on air quality issues and enforcement

·       Evaluates new energy conservation and technologies for electrical installations

·       Analysis and interprets customer electricity consumption data and reports crucial findings

·       Provides technical recommendations to other engineering authorities in building design and material specifications

·       Develops and promotes effective electrical installations design specifications for domestic and public facilities

·       Reviews KM bulk customers projects for potential energy conservation opportunities

·       Determines cost-effectiveness of various energy conservation programs and techniques for costumers and utility

·       Works in cooperation with Quality Assurance and Continual Improvement department on securing and maintaining the ISO 9002 certification

·       Carries out and ensures the compliance of all activities within the Energy Efficiency Section are in-line with Kahramaa health and safety regulations


Bachelor in engineering with specialization in Electrical or Mechanical Engineering or a Master in Management +

More than 10 years of relevant experience in a similar industry of which minimum 4+ years of supervisory experience


Technical Jobs



Electricity Transmission

Posting Date:

05 . January . 2016

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