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Contract Engineer


Core Responsibilities:

·      Formulates the tendering strategy basis the type of engineering contract, bid value and time availability based on the scope of works/ services received from the concerned department
·      Reviews and evaluates the scope of work/ services and initiates required changes to it basis Kahramaa’s code of practice and standards in order to protect its interests and set a fair deal with the bid winning contractor
·      Prepares tender schedules which include an in-depth account of the complete tender process and ensures the concerned department provides its agreement on the schedule
·      Prepares the pre-qualification specifications for various types of contracts in accordance with the pre-determined assessment criteria for evaluating the bid
·      Ensures coordination with the concerned user department to facilitate the technical evaluation of the bid against the pre-determined qualifiers/specifications and follows-up with tenderers on any missing information and for any technical/ commercial clarifications
·      Conducts price comparisons as well as sensitivity analysis for complex price structures in order to zero-in on the best commercially viable option, in liaison with Head of Contracts and Agreement
·      Assist in Negotiation with contractors on the commercials as well as other contract terms, as and when required to get the best value for money for Kahramaa in compliance with its established procedures
·      Proposes recommendations for the settlement of extra claims, time extension requests et al, as per the industry best practices
·      Selects the most suitable and capable tenderers wherein the decision to award the winning tenderer with the contract is taken in coordination with the concerned department who requires services from contractors, in liaison with Head of Contracts and Agreement
·      Ensures that the contractors comply to Kahramaa’s health, safety, environment, quality control and other objectives and standards
·      Ensures warranties, performance bonds and insurance documents are obtained from the contractors
·      Ensures maintenance of records for all corporate and commercial documents, agreements, property papers and rights agreements etc. including certified copies obtained from various authorities in safe custody
·      Participates in conferring with external legal counsels/ lawyers with specialties in appropriate areas of legal issue to review and validate the contractual agreements or other legal documents
·      Works in cooperation with Quality Assurance and Continual Improvement department on securing and maintaining the ISO 9002 certification


Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in Law & Engineering

More than 6 years of experience in legal contract management and leadership responsibility in a large organization with 4+ years of supervisory experience preferably in a large utility company


Technical Jobs



Legal Affairs Department

Posting Date:

24 . August . 2017

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