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Quantity Surveyor


The role holder is responsible for providing effective quantity surveying services for all Kahramaa’s water projects by preparing bill of quantities based on the requirements of goods and services raised by the Department. The role holder is also responsible for evaluating the goods/services provided by the vendors and external contractors and advising relevant departments on the payment of invoices.

Participates in planned site checks and inspections as necessary, in order to ensure that the procured  goods and services are in compliance with defined standards and requirements
Conducts spot-checks of survey stakes and/or grades, location, and alignment prior to placement of construction materials procured for Kahramaa’s water network projects
Ensures that all required tests are performed and documented as planned, with results supplied in a timely manner to the Head of Business Engineering
Identifies materials that are inconsistent with the contract documents and notifies the contractor for corrective action and follow-up until inconsistency is resolved
Monitors safety procedures and methods, reviews contractor’s safety plan, attends contractor safety meetings, and notifies contractor of unsafe conditions
Prepares all reports relevant to quantity surveying including cost estimation reports, and quality reports and forwards these to Head of Business Engineering for review and approval
Coordinates with relevant Engineers and prepares tender and contracting documents including bill of quantities and cost estimations for goods and services procured for Kahramaa’s water projects
Assists Head of Business Engineering in the assessment of alternative sources of materials/services of procurement with regard to cost, quality, and time-to-service, in order to ensure quality goods are purchased at optimal rates
Performs cost calculations for procurement requirements and conducts cost estimates for time and labour requirements for Kahramaa’s water projects, and analyses the metrics from a project implementation and maintenance point of view
Approves service provider payments on project completion, in compliance with payment terms of the contract agreement
Participates in performance evaluation of the vendor/contractor, in association with relevant project engineers, in compliance with signed contract agreement
Ensures complete contract/tender related documentation is in place, for easy access, as and when required
Coordinates with external contractors and vendors on a regular basis, in order to renew and collect vendor information including trade licences, financials etc.
Works in cooperation with Quality Assurance and Continual Improvement department on securing and maintaining the ISO 9002 certification
Carries out and ensures the compliance of all activities within the Design Engineering Section are in-line with Kahramaa health and safety regulations
Carries out design review, project coordination till commisioning and handover of the bulk- customer project based on agreement with BC
Carries out supervision of the project implementation of minor, medium and major size main water projects of substations and ensures the implementation is in line with project execution plans
Participates in inspecting contractor’s materials during factory visits, from a quality assurance and quality control point of view, prior to material approvals for project implementation
Monitors substation installation site activities, to ensure objectives are accomplished within the prescribed time frame and budget parameters
Carries out all tendering activities from design concept, preparation of scope & specifications and tender documents, tender clarifications, tender evaluation till , tender award & contract documentation approvals


Bachelor's degree or equivalent in Mechanical Engineering

More than 10 years of relevant experience in a similar industry or in a similar role of which minimum 5+ years of supervisory experience preferably in the area of Quantity Control/Assurance


Technical Jobs



Water Projects Department

Posting Date:

08 . March . 2018

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