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Supervisor (Receiving & Dispatch)


The role holder is responsible for effectively managing the safe receipt, storage, retrieval and timely dispatch of goods to requisite directorates, departments and sections in order to ensure smooth execution of day to day operations at Kahramaa. This role will also be responsible for maintaining an accurate record of all warehouse transactions in the ERP systems and communicate the same to relevant stakeholders.

Monitors and manages quality, condition and preservation of material to ensure availability of established quantity of material in order to support smooth day to day operations
Supervises initial inspection of all incoming material to check for any discrepancies in quantity, specifications etc. against the purchase order and highlights any major deviations
Raises and follows-up on the discrepancy report to Expeditor for supply rectification
Liaises with relevant technical teams to conduct inspection of material in line with established quality standards
Supervises the documentation and recording of stock in the warehouse and ensures that stock quantity is reconciled with the accounts ledger
Develops and implements a plan for inventory storage based on bin location and physical movement of items
Ensures warehouse area is neat and tidy and all items are placed in shelves properly as per their sequence, volume and weight
Supervises the outflow of material from warehouse and ensures adherence to quality and safety guidelines
Develops and implements a physical stock count program in order to ensure record accuracy
Provides relevant details pertaining to exact location of stored inventory as and when requested
Ensures all movement of material to and from the warehouse is updated in the ERP systems and a copy of the same is forwarded to the requisite stakeholder
Manages the preparation and processing of all relevant documents/ forms required during inflow and outflow of material in accordance with established guidelines
Ensures safeguarding of warehouse operations and contents by use of appropriate security procedures and protocols
Manages the communication with warehouse, inventory, operations and other departments which involve active interaction
Works in cooperation with Quality Assurance and Continual Improvement department on securing and maintaining the ISO 9002 certification
Carries out and ensures compliance of all activities within the Warehousing Section are in line with Kahramaa health and safety regulations


Bachelor’s Degree in Business or logistics or equivalent in Materials/Inventory/Supply Chain

More than 6 years of experience in a similar role of which minimum 4 years of supervisory experience in the area of Warehouse Management


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Materials Department

Posting Date:

22 . August . 2019

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