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Information Analyst


The role holder is responsible for effectively developing, maintaining and implementing a corporate planning and business development management information system that will help in facilitating the overall strategic and annual planning activities and perfomance management systems of Kahramaa.

Core Responsibilities:

  • Develops, maintains and implements a corporate planning and business development management framework and procedures as required to facilitate the planning activities
  • Provides necessary inputs on development of computerized models, data bases etc. required for the development of corporate planning and performance management
  • Prepares and develops business requirements and provides inputs to the IT department to translate them into IT functional, design, and specifications for development of the management information system (MIS) related to corporate planning and performance management
  • Provide all necessary details about report formats, communication requirements, access permissions and integration with other management systems to build a robust MIS system related to corporate planning and performance management
  • Liaises with IT Department at all stages and various progress meetings for the design, testing and overall implementation of the system
  • Ensures the information system captures the requisite corporate data that will help in monitoring the performance of operational results to ensure senior management control
  • Coordinates on periodic basis with the users of the MIS system to ensure that all their data processing requirements are being met by the MIS
  • Liaises with relevant directorates, departments and sections to discuss all matters pertaining to integration of their individual MIS with the overall system
  • Liaises with IT team and Senior Analyst-Information to develop computerized planning models used for strategic planning, economic feasibility studies and financial forecasts
  • Consolidates data on the MIS from various internal and external sources as and when required to facilitate corporate planning and decision making
  • Coordinates with the relevant teams to select sources and nature of data in order to liaise with the IT team on database formats and specifications
  • Ensures proper functioning of the management information system at all times to facilitate retrieval of information and data as and when required
  • Coordinates with the IT team for all matters related to system security, upgrades, breakdowns, report generation etc. to ensure system integrity at all times
  • Develops user guidelines and procedures on use and access of the management information system (MIS) and conducts training sessions as required
  • Liaises with the IT team to brainstorm on ideas to continuously enhance the system based on user feedback
  • Works in cooperation with Quality Assurance and Continual Improvement department on securing and maintaining the ISO 9002 certification
  • Carries out and ensures compliance of all activities within the Strategic Planning and Risk Management Section are in line with Kahramaa health and safety regulations

    People Management Responsibilites:
  • Defines goals and key performance indicators for each member of the team
  • Develops talent within the team by providing guidance and support to achieve the targets
  • Ensures objective periodic administration of the performance appraisal process, complemented by ongoing coaching and training
  • Follows HR policies and procedures for all people management aspects
  • Contributes to the development of Qatarization trainee programs and support the implementation of the same


  • Bachelor's degree or equivalent in Computer/IT Engineering or Computer Science or Statistics or related fields
  • More than 10 years of experience in a similar role of which minimum 4 years of supervisory experience​


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Posting Date:

14 . April . 2020

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