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KAHRAMAA awards the Strategic Mega Reservoirs Project


Qatar General Electricity & Water Corporation “KAHRAMAA” announced that the Corporation has started the awarding of the strategic mega reservoirs project and the accompanying pipelines at a total capacity of 2300 MIG and total cost of QR 17 billions. The projects come within KAHRAMAA plans to increase Qatar water strategic storage and ensure water supply to all areas as per KAHRAMAA mission of Providing High Quality and Sustainable Electricity and Water for Better Living in Qatar. 

The strategic project of the mega reservoirs is considered the largest expansion of Qatar water storage ever. It aims to increase Qatar water strategic storage till 2026 (first stage). The projects consists of 24 reservoirs at a total capacity of 2300 Million Gallons. Each reservoir with a total capacity of about 100 MIG which is considered the largest concrete reservoir in the world. The reservoirs will be constructed in five locations ( Um Baraka, Um Salal, Rawdat Rashid, Abu Nakhla, and Al-Thumama). During the first phase, the project includes the installation of 650 km pipelines with large diameters. The space of each reservoir location is 1 km2. The reservoirs are unique in type and design.

The mega reservoir locations are selected near to desalination facilities at Ras Lafan to the north and Ras Abo Fontas to the south. they are also connected to the existing water network to meet the rapid population increase. The total cost of the project contracts QR 17 bn. 55% of contractors are Qatari companies. Contracts include excavation and landscape, main pipelines and accompanying pipelines installation, and reservoirs construction.

On the other hand, the designs of the second phase have been developed to meet Qatar requirements up to 2036. It includes 40 reservoirs with a total capacity of 3800 MIG. The mega reservoirs is one of the vital strategic projects. It aims to increase Qatar water strategic storage to meet the future needs in order to improve water security and KAHRAMAA services.

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